TSL PGP Standards

TSL Principles and General Performance Standards.

Transport Services and Logistics is an international freight forwarding company engaged in the movement of freight by both sea and air internationally for and on behalf of our clients.

TSL also provide complete origin and destination services in order to be able to provide a complete door to door service to our clients of the highest standard.

This involves direct contact with the shippers, regardless of country of origin, ensuring that the origin office or partner is fully aware of what has to be done with each and every shipment. The client must be kept fully informed of the status of their shipments at all times.

This is done by providing regular status reports and updating the customers with any relevant information as and when the situation arises.

The international freight forwarding market is very competitive and it is our responsibility as an International Forwarder to ensure that standards of service are updated and maintained whilst ensuring that we are cost competitive. This is done by being aware of the constant market changes, and by ensuring that we are constantly negotiating, and providing our clients with both air and sea freight rates that are competitive and up to date within the market. This responsibility of rate negotiations also extends to all origin and destination costs as well.

The importance of service levels and competitive rate structures needs to be very clearly understood. We have to have the ability to negotiate rates that are competitive in the market and at the same time provide a level of service that allows us to be profitable. We do not want clients to use the services of TSL purely for rates. Those customers are always short term.

We have to be working to develop long term, sound business relationships with our clients. They must want to do business with TSL based on the service standards provided, and not just our rates.

We are a very Network orientated company and as a result, have developed very good working relationships with associates all around the world. This enables us to confidently be able to offer services from anywhere in the world, to anywhere in the world.

TSL now have offices in New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, USA, Canada, Japan, Vietnam and Indonesia and must focus closely on the development of our inter office business. TSL must also be very focused on the development of all trade lanes to and from the countries where TSL offices are located.

TSL needs to, and will, remain pro active in ensuring that what is needed to be done to provide customers with the standard of service required to maintain and develop business, is done!

We constantly stride towards maintaining our company motto of "We Make It Happen".

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